Monday, December 9, 2013

Cold and Icy

On Saturday night, I ran 1 mile outside. It was freezing cold, and there were piles of snow and ice covering the sidewalks, but the roads were clear so that's where I ran. It was fun, but I had to stop after a mile because it was just too cold. I came inside and stretched and did some more ab work.


  1. We've been getting a really cold spell here as well. It's miserable to run in! All my outdoor runs the last 2 weeks have been 3 miles or less. One of the mornings it was 8 degrees when I left my house! Unheard of for Western Washington.

    1. That is WAY too cold! I know Washington State is usually temperate. We have some friends that just traveled there last week (interviewing for work), and when they came back they talked about how cold it was. They both grew up there and said it's never felt so cold. I'm hoping it'll warm up at least a little bit for all of us.